Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Thank God I'm Not a Mother on Mother's Day Day

I like kids, I do. But after nearly three years of being a dog owner, I think to myself, Golly Gee Whiz, how would I handle a child -one I would have to feed several times a day instead of simply filling a water and food bowl and setting them on the floor of the kitchen; one whose priorities are crying, playing, eating, drinking, snacking, mess-making, talking, rolling on the floor, etc; one whose life would suddenly come before my own. I know I am selfish - I'll be the first to admit it. Plus,how doesanyonehavetime for a child? I barely have time to make it to the gym after work, walk aforementioned dog, eat dinner, shower, and sleep.

So .... to all the mothers out there, including my own: I am impressed. I am quite a bit humbled and a small bit shamefaced for my self-centered ways. Enjoy your day with kids or without.

Dedicated to Joni, a new mom going through quite a bit of hell - and to Sommer and Virginia, expectant, young, kick ass mommies to be.

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