Wednesday, June 30, 2004

I am nauseated. I think I lost my floppy disk with my ENTIRE LIFE on it. Well, okay, I am being dramatic. However, this was a newer disk (about six months old) that had all my recent writings on it. My home computer is completely crappy, and I just never got around to saving it anywhere else or emailing it to myself as I am prone to do. I have looked everywhere. I have called home. I went to work, thinking I left it in my drive there. I have yet to find it. This, in turn, caused me to go shopping. I felt a little better, but as soon as I loaded the bags in my car, the aching feeling came back. I need a therapist.

Last night:

I watched Girl With a Pearl Earring with Colin Firth and Charlotte Johanson. I read the book, by Tracy Chevalier this weekend and couldn't put it down. I am also a big Colin Firth fan so I went out and bought the DVD. I even read an article by the author of the book, and she enjoyed the movie. She said that the movie and the book were not identical twins but rather sisters.

Tracy Chevalier: You were being very sweet. The movie, although it had its merits (mainly scenery) did not touch the book in emotion, complexity, and overall, beauty.

I had invited a friend to watch the movie with me. She is one of my few literary friends, and I called her as soon as I finished the book this weekend to tell her she also should read it. By the end of the day, she had picked it up and finished it. [Brava Adrienne!] In the end, it made for a nice evening; however, I am going to stay away from modified-from-book movies for a while.

My annoyance with the movie distracted me from my first and foremost thought. My disk, my writings, ay de mi....

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