Saturday, May 22, 2004

Well, I have updated twice since my last actual post, but I guess my blog isn't working properly.

I am currently back in Rome after a whirlwind through the Cinque Terre, Florence, Milan, Venice, Florence again, and Cortona.

Cortona was by far the best. The views were astounding. Cortona is a Tuscan hill town, and everything just keeps going up. The town itself doesn't allow cars, and it is charming.

There was definitely a sense of community there, and I stood out as a stranger. I met a girl from South Dakota, Courtney, in Venice, and we continued to Cortona together. She traveled with an enormous backpack, and I had a rolling duffel, two shopping bags, a purse, and my two carry ons. Imagine the image the two of us made, curly hair flying. The two odd strangers in town.

Anyway, the entire community seemed to be in the square, and they were all laughing. They asked if we needed help, which we did, and they were so great.

Charming town, charming wine. It was great.

Now I am on the last leg of my trip, and I have mixed feelings. What a time. I have learned so much, been exposed to so much, and still know so little.

I cannot wait to come back.

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