Wednesday, December 20, 2006

ho hum

Ok so I hate my job, but probably not for the reason most people hate their jobs. I hate my job because my boss doesn't work, which means, as his secretary, I never have work to do. Thus, the blog. Oh ho, you might say. No work to do? Sounds ideal.

Alas, you have never met me. The me who must constantly be busy or have an already large guilt complex expand to monumental proportions. I read stories of people addicted to the internet - I have become one of them. I have read about loss of employee productivity. That's me. WHY WON'T HE WORK?

And when he does (rarely), he barks at me. I should mention he's diminutive, and I tower over him. So he slams open doors and barks orders at me. Usually I bark right back, which makes our working relationship a mixture of grunts, barks, and murmurs. It's quite lovely really.

Today, however, the entire office but me and our clerk are out of the office, together, working. Why am I left behind? They say it's because they need someone else to be in the office, but believe me, it's not true. There isn't that much that goes on here. (Oh, I miss my old job).

I feel like I am in a bad high school movie. I probably sound like it too. Sorry for the completely uneducational post, but there are so many things I could be doing instead of sitting here, blogging and looking at every possible website I can imagine. I am so up on current events it's unbelievable. Need to know a good site for last-minute gifts? I've probably got dozens.

I'm boooooored. And I'm done. Peace.


Dan Mega said...

Maybe its time to find a new job?

jrav said...

you're completely right, of course.

but, i'm also applying to doctoral programs so i figure i'll wait until the verdict returns on the schools before i jump to a new job.

but yeah, it was a sucky day.