Thursday, December 07, 2006

Wish I Had to Worry About Making Too Much Money...

I find this a really interesting article. It discusses women as breadwinners, and more than that, as pretty primary breadwinners. The article is interesting in that many of these women, although having achieved career and financial success, still feel that they must be the master of the domestic world too.

I am curious, as I have no husband or children, how many women out there feel like this. Also, what is the men's take on this? The article really doesn't address this at all. For instance, why isn't Beth or Anna or whoever's husband taking responsibility for chores if he's home all day? And even if he's home all day - why does he expect his wife to take care of the chores?

I think it's fascinating that in this day and age, with all the advances we have made, that it still comes down to a fight about chores. When the article discusses this (although I know this is a big deal in marriages and can cause much resentment), I felt like we needed to write a chart out for the two and put stars by their names and the chores for which each is responsible. Childish? Yes. Why is it that society and many men (I'll try not to make generalizations) expect a career woman to succeed in addition to her domestic duties? Why is she tied to her home and children as a measure of success?

This is dangerous territory. It lends much to the current trend of blaming the mother, as a figure in society, for the ills of the children. Make it stop.

And put up a chore chart.

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