Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Rockabye baby

Pandagon is my new favorite blogs - ok, one of my new favorite blogs, but this post is just one of the reasons why.

They link to a book Wake Up, Little Susie by Rickie Solinger, which is now on my wish list as I am poor after Christmas. The book discusses reproduction and mental illness in women - which is exactly what my thesis is about. So read up, friends, it's good stuff and makes you think long and hard about the plight of women.

This, of course, leads me to an aside. The more vocal I have become in my beliefs lately, the more strange looks I get from family and friends. I understand what they're thinking - I am a twentysomething white woman. Do I really have it that bad? Yes and no. But in true feminist spirit, the more correct answer is - Yes, it is bad, and until all women have the privileges that I do - and more - I will continue to educate myself and others as much as possible. This isn't the Brangelina pact, 'I won't marry until everyone can marry' (although I like the idea, but just as all the other celebrity couples, they have been over-commercialized), but it is called solidarity. Solidarity - something I believe we are too much without these days.

So I apologize for the aside but not the meaning and sentiment behind it. Have a great day. And check out Pandagon.


Dani said...

I say voice yourself for all to hear. I think you may be getting funny looks from folks because you have found your voice and you're not afraid to let yourself be heard. I find it refreshing because you are not pressing with your opinions or viewpoints- you're just sharing. Share on I say! Share on!

jrav said...

Thanks so much for the comment. I appreciate it. Share on! My new war cry. Or as a friend says: "Rock your ass off!"