Tuesday, January 16, 2007

With, Let's Face It, A Bit Of A Crush Now Really

I agree with feministing.com. This guy, Spain's Justice Minister, is extremely crushworthy. You can read the full article here, but when the Saudi government wouldn't allow women journalists into a men's only university, he refused to appear. Instead, he sent his speech while voicing his disapproval.
Muy impresivo. I have several feminist male friends, and I appreciate them all. However, I also know that it's pretty rare to find such a man who will stand up for women's rights. It's so much easier just to let it slide or give the speech, but Fernando Aguilar did not. I, for one, am glad.


Dani said...

I appreciate it when people stand up for their values and have integrity. It is so important, especially these days. (I dig the Bridget Jones vibe by the way!)

jrav said...

I'm just glad you caught it.